Episode 5. Review – XTC – Drums and Wires

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On this episode of lo-fidelity, we start our journey through the legendary albums of the underrated British rock/pop band XTC. By this point the group had been through a number of name changes since 1972, had released two albums in 1978 on Virgin Records that did modestly well, and were touring extensively to promote them. Within a couple of months keyboardist Barry Andrews would leave the group for other opportunities, setting the stage for Dave Gregory to enter as lead guitarist. The shift in dynamics leads to this powerful collection of songs with early classics written by both Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, features the bombastic drums of Terry Chambers, and is the result of the band’s first collaboration with producer Steve Lillywhite and engineer Hugh Padgham, who would go on to produce some of the biggest albums of the 1980s. Come join us as we discuss the music that would become the group’s first musical landmark.

December 2002 interview with Andy Partridge about cover art: http://www.optimismsflames.com/ArtDrums&Wires.htm

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